My background

My passport describes me as (proudly) Lithuanian.

Have lived and traveled to quite a few countries.

I do believe that travelling is the only thing in the world we pay for to become RICHER.

How I got started

Life long romance with travelling started when I took my first solo trip to GREECE.

Will never forget feeling of excitement when plane took off and I was certain to make it by myself.

Afterwards, with every other trip addiction to collect more passport stamps started to grow.

My aim is to visit at least one new country every year. So far so good:)

Top destinations

There is big difference between actual country and prejudice country’s image inside our head.

I like to keep my mind open while travelling and it opens my eyes to amazing wonders of this world.

EVERY destination has something unique.

When mind is open, every destination can be a top destination.

For Reader

It is a pleasure to write and share travel stories when someone reads it. What is even better is to receive a message from a reader whether it is a a compliment, feedback or question.

Thank you so much for stopping by my blog.

Please feel free to contact me.