Handbag essentials

There are so many things which might go wrong while travelling and sometimes they do. In order not to allow a delayed flight or a lost luggage to ruin your journey, there are few items to consider packing into your handbag:

  1. Earphones (headphones). Let’s admit it – single use earphones provided by airlines are not great! Bringing your own headphones is a great idea.
  2. Wet wipes. Tray table is considered to be one of the dirtiest places on board as some people do use their tray table for baby changing… Use wet antibacterial wipes to clean your seat, seat belt and tray table once you board. No one wants to get ill while on travel, right?
  3. Slippers. It’s comfortable and helps to reduce common foot swelling, especially for flights over 3 hours.  Also, upon arrival your feet will be ready to all those steps towards the arrival gate.
  4. Water. Due to lack of humidity in aircraft’s air, it is easier to get dehydrated. After you finish airport’s security check, get a bottle of water to support your body’s hydration needs while on the plane.
  5. Snack. Even if your flight includes a meal, last minute delays do happen and you might need to wait to be fed on-board. A snack is a great option to keep your sugar level up. Nuts, fruit bars, mini pretzels, kale chips, dark chocolate bar, dried fruit, crackers, pumpkin seeds are all great on-board snacks.
  6. Moisturiser. It is important to keep your skin hydrated too as it gets much drier on the plane. Make sure you take a small tube of moisturiser (up to 100 ml) and use it for your face, neck and hands.
  7. Toothbrush & toothpaste. On aircraft where personal space is so limited, there is nothing worse than having a person with unpleasant mouth odour sitting next to you. No one wants to be that person! Make sure to have a toothbrush and a toothpaste in your handbag and more importantly, use it! 
  8. Perfume. It is nice to smell nice. Few drops of perfume – small detail which makes a big difference.
  9. Chewing gum. It also contributes to your fresh breath, but more importantly chewing gum helps to reduce the effects of flying on your ears, especially during take-off and landing.
  10. Scarf. Apart from contributing to your great look, scarf can double up as a blanket as it does get cold on-board. Also it’s a great hiding tool when you wish to have a nap (who likes to be stared at while sleeping?).
  11. Pen (black ink and blue ink). For destinations like Egypt, UK, etc. cabin crew will distribute Landing / Immigration cards which will have to be handed-in to an immigration officer after the landing. Sometimes it specifies what colour ink it should be filled in. Having pens in different colours will proof to be valuable.
  12. Accommodation information. Always have the address and the phone number for place of your stay ready once you land. Sometimes immigration officers might ask you this and it does give a bad impression if you do not know.
  13. Cash. When travelling to foreign destination, take some cash notes for exchange at the airport. It prepares you for immediate expenses like a taxi or bus ticket. Usually it is not worth exchanging foreign currency in your home destination (especially if you live in the UK) as rates are very high.
  14. Power bank is brilliant invention which helps in low battery emergencies. In case you are travelling from Turkey to the UK, make sure you check size of power bank allowed on-board prior to your trip.
  15. Book. In case you are going on a holiday, taking a book is perfect time to catch up on your reading list, generate new ideas and refresh your mind.
  16. Medication. In case you need to take your medication regularly, make sure you have those close-at-hand while travelling. Also, don’t forget to take doctor’s prescription with you, especially for a liquid medication as it might be necessary. Remember to check controlled pharmaceutical substances list in your destination country as some drugs might be prohibited or perceived with caution. Special attention should be given to hormone replacement pills, sleeping tablets, antidepressants or any strong painkillers.